18 July 2011

i want to float like a feather

"Results for the Losertown Calorie Maintenance Calculator!
As calculated from July 18, 2011.

You said that you are a woman and plan to have a daily caloric intake of 800 calories.

The table shows what you should weigh on a particular date. Calories Used are the calories needed to maintain that weight. Your Calorie Deficit shows the difference between calories needed to maintain the listed weight and that of your set caloric intake."

I calculated this saying I wouldn't exercise and raised my weight by a pound. I wanted to know the the very least amount that I should be losing so there is absolutely no excuse why I can't be down to 92 by this time next month considering she's been making me exercise like crazy even at the times I don't want to and I don't eat junk food anymore or meats; I've no excuse to why I can't make this other than I would really be a failure then! I'm going to lower my calories by 100 at every GW I meet.

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  1. gotta love that losertown! though 65 scares the bejesus out of me ( i dont know if the human body actual contains a "bejesus" or not but its trembling) be careful. know that even if you cant see it now, there is more to life than dying slowly ( blasphemy i know)
    hold on girly, i need you still :)