05 July 2011

i'm confused

Well, I'm not sure what I'm doing really. I'm eating, mostly veggies; I'm exercising, excessively so; and I still hate how I look...is this really how recovery is supposed to go? I need a doctor, I've been saying that since last year but I'm not rich sooo I guess I'll have to deal with this until I get rich...

I'm not a minor but I've never worked. I know, I sound like a complete lazy fuck don't I? Gosh! I began college straight away, succeeded in a few semesters, failed the last two b'coz of severe family issues that caused me to give up on college not to mention my life, then I moved and didn't much think about University until now (5 lazy, failed years later). I was all set and excited to go in August and start on my way to becoming the best flipping dietician anyone has ever seen!...But now I find that I can't start until Spring of next year! Euph! So I'm looking for a job now. Applied for a grocery shop in walking distance --which is good coz I'll get some excersice to and from work...supposing I get the job tha is-- but gosh do I feel like a failure filling out job applications! It's all blank! Blank blank blank! No past experience, no unique abilities, no volunteer work coz then I'll need to provide info that I don't know, no language skills --well, enough to count anyway--, it won't let me say I've got a high school degree from homeschooling so I look like a lazy high school dropout on top of it all! If I ever get hired I'll literally kiss the doors of the place that heirs me!...And then scour my lips with rubbing alcohol, soap, nail polish remover and possibly some dish soap and maybe some laundry detergent depending on how disgusting their doors are...at that thought, maybe not. I'll just celebrate a litto by getting to work early haha! :L

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