21 July 2011

job? maybe?

I went to my interview just now! Almos caertain I got the job! I should be getting a call anytime tomorrow if not before 12 tonight! I couldn't believe I made it through that! I was nervous as all hell! I was sure they'd take one look at me and my anxious mess of self and shake their heads. I was so happy!...Until I got home that is. I just knew my first real binge (in nearly a year) would come today! Maybe it was the stress? Still...nice. How much more transparent can my teeth get? I know what happens now, she really doesn't have to tell me but of course she did. Why wouldn't she? Time to work my ass off!

On the bright side, my control has gotton SO much better than it was!!! (Ignoring what just happened today of course...)

Ps- I read that body fat becomes water soluble at 109 F and you can sweat it out???
Steam baths can reduce cellulite and a person can burn up to 300cal???
Hmmm, I'm sceptical!

1 comment:

  1. I'm all over the Unipol sauna while I'm still a student. FUCKING AY.

    (Lol, I'm so desperate I'll try NEARLY ANYTHING right now. Still can't afford the dental work purging would cause :/)