19 July 2011

soup for the soul

Okay so we go bulk grocery shopping every 6th or 7th of the month. This month was the first time I really made myself a list and followed through without the bad foods ccalling my name and sneaking their way into my basket. I'm thinking next month I'm stocking up on soup (tomato & basil), yoghurt, and almond milk. I want to go on a sort of a solids fast for a week eating only non-solid foods --if I can manage that-- and see what it does with crossed fingers.

Off to push myself to 303 sit-ups! I don't care if it hurts and I start to weaken at 71! I've to do it b'coz she said so...Strength and control is doing something no matter how much it hurts or how hard it is to breathe. I'm going to do sit-ups until I can't lift my body up even one more time, till then I'm not stopping. I'll prove myself! I'm GOING to be happy and I'm GOING to be thin! I WILL be strong and prove my worth in this world!


  1. Pace yourself. Breathe in on the way down and out on the way up. Keep your belly button sucked to the floorand your pelvis tilted up to save your back. DO NOT engage your shounders or neck! Keep 1 hand on your neck to make sure you aren't using those muscles (DONT use that to pull yourslef up) and 1 hand on yout tummy to make sure you're actually using your ab muscles.

    Its better to do 20 GOOD ones than 200 shitty ones. Quality>quantity for making nice toned abs!

    I'm going to be re-instating once a week 24hr liquid fasts. It used to be Wednesday but monday works better for my schedule with knitting squad :/ Thank goodness for soup and porrige!

    Love you <3 Thank you for letting me know of your new blog. I recognized you as soon as I saw the work 'europoid', since you're the only person I know of who uses it! XD


  2. hey, any exercise is better than none in my book, no matter how many or few you do. (its certainly more than me lol). just dont strain yourself or you'll be "out of service" for a few days.